Dong guan Jingjing Surface Technology Company was founded in 2008, a leading professional in metal finishing industry, focusing on research and development of chrome electroplating technology, chemical products sales and tech support service. Our company was originally established in 1994 in Nanjing, named Nanjing Surface Technology Company, which has collaborated with other corporations from America(Atochem US ) and Germany. As result of company’s pioneering research and development, we have developed a new and more effective micro-cracks hard chromium catalyst intermediate DX-30, which is highly purified products. And it is named as item # ST-927, with its advantages, it is rapidly promoted in chrome plating market. The sales volume goes up to 2 million liters.

In 2004, Nanjing Jingjing set up an office in Dongguan, in charge of marketing and after sales service. The office is equipped with testing machine and advance engineers, which guarantee the precise data and analysis report of metal plating solutions. Based on the break through plating technology, we established Dongguan Jingjing Surface Technology Company in 2008.

We continue going forward and develop another break through technology by our own, the Tech of Purifying Metal Remains in chrome plating solution, which make the solution could be reused forever instead of replacing it every 5 years. It largely reduces the water contamination caused by chrome plating, it is more environmental friendly. Further more, we develop the chrome anode tech, which evidently improve the efficiency of electro conduction, and combined with the tech of more intensive rolling process, it extends the life time of chrome anode from 1 year to 3 years.

Our company’s purpose is: Professional, More Professional, Most Professional.


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